Windows Phone Student Developers: Are you Ready for Some Football?? Oops I Meant Ready for Some Win Phone!

It’s a great time to be a Student Windows Phone Developer in the South, especially if you attend a College or University in the GA, FL, AL or MS. Why? Because many of you have the opportunity to compete on your campus in a Windows Phone Development Contest for some cool accolades and prizes. In the past month, students have attended an appLab.Phone() session and/or a WP7 Hackathon on their campus in order to build Windows Phone applications to compete for it all, go for the Goal Line…wait I mean the Phone Marketplace line. Smile Prizes have been sponsored like XBOX/Kinect Bundles, Windows Phones, and other Exciting Prizes. So are you ready to win?

Check out the students at Georgia Tech and University of South Florida after participating and building WP7 phone apps in the Windows Phone appLab or Windows Phone Hackathon.

       GTWP7hackathon  USF WP7173  USFWinPhon7              

  I was joined by some great Windows Phone 7 MVP & Professionals:  

Joel Johnson: , Windows Phone Atlanta Developer's Group


Michael Stark:

they were EXCEPTIONALin assisting me in helping students into the code

and building their own WP7 apps

Chevon Christie explaining how he got started w/WP7 and showing his WP7 apps.

It’s Easier than you Think

You Can Do It Too!

Don’t believe me, check out my interview on YouTube with Hunter College student, Chevon Christie, who started building Windows Phone 7 apps and making extra money after attending a Windows Phone 7 Fire Starter in his area.


Want to Have an appLab.Phone and/or a Windows Phone 7 Contest at YOUR school?  

  Email me directly and let’s get BUILDING!