10 Worst Job Search Tips in the World

I'll admit, I'm pretty stubborn and set in my ways when it comes to searching for new jobs.  I believe there is a right and a wrong when it comes to presenting yourself and sending out resumes.  I've been lucky that I have an extremely ambitious group of friends who have taught me and mentored me in the finer points of six and seven figure salaries.  It amazes how many imagepeople have no clue about how to apply for a real white collar job. 

Normally I refer people to this page on McKinsey's website which is some of the best advice available.  I recently read this article by Liz Ryan outlining the "10 Worse Job Tips Ever."  She pretty much nailed the issues on the head and validated everything I've ever done, but then again I'm kind of smart.

So why did I write an article on jobs?  Well, I was in London at Henry Bean in Chelsea watching the USC Football game *we won* with about 15 alumni and met a handful that just moved out to the UK.  Now I'm confident that most of them already know this stuff, but just in case.