Ballmer-Gates Tag Team to Show Off Windows 7 TODAY!


If you want the first official glimpse of Windows 7, bookmark this link to Engadget for live coverage!  The legendary duo will be showing the next version of Windows at the All Things Digital conference while sipping scotch with the Mossberg.  I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight...

For those who prefer the "acomical" reporting of Techcrunch, follow live here. :)

p.s. suck it Senior, I finally beat you to some juicy news! 

** 02:53 GMT - Crunchgear has some leaked photos of old renderings and what they claim to be a current milestone screenshot. Hey Crunchgear, here's a hint...they're not! Good effort though and nice pics :)

** 03:20 GMT - Ballmer frightens Mossberg with sheer intensity.

** 03:26 GMT - Gates sums it up, "We [Microsoft] have a culture of we need to do better."

** 03:29 GMT - Demo of Windows 7 confirms "mutli-touch" capabilities and close collaboration with Suface team!