Internet Explorer 8 Passes Acid2 Test, "HolyShit" says Slashdot


For the non developers out there, you may be wondering what Acid2 is, but in the web developer world, its HUGE!  Slashdot's tagging of the article is actually quite hilarious.  Read about this historic milestone on the IE Team Blog.  Also Channel9 has an interesting interview regarding development around Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).  pst.....pst....*what?!* pst....Beta at MIX '08.

This Slashdot article tag puts IE8 up there with likes of the Navy's 8-megajoule rail-gun, 50TB Bacterial DVDs, and Hans Reiser being arrested for murder...all pretty cool stuff except for the murder part.   Here's the entire list of articles tagged "HolyShit"

*update*  Apparently Slashdot saw my blog post and revised some of the tags removing "HolyShit" and replacing it with "hellfreezesover."