Just Watched Obama Get Grilled by House Republicans QA for 90 minutes. WOW!

Sorry if politics isn’t your thing (it should be cause tech revolves around policy), and I am not trying to be hyperbolic when I say this but I think I’ve witnessed the most honest and open American political debate in my 27 years of life!  Although not quite British Parliament style, its reminded me of a the sparring matches between Tony Blair and the opposition.  It was like watching adult [Obama] lecture a bunch of petty school children [GOP] on why tattling is not a virtue.  There were some great insights into deep policy goals with specifics previously unreported in the news cycle.  If you’re American or Republican, you should watch it.  If you’re a Democrat, you already know most of the story.  If you’re a liberal or progressive, honestly, I think you should be worried cause Obama really isn’t a liberal at all.

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