Microsoft Boy Launches Plans to Submit Homework

boy watching tv

Everyone knows the basic Microsoft drill when products are announced. 

step 1 - build a website

step 2 - invite important people and press

step 3 - parade around senior executives

step 4 - make vague statements about innovation, productivity, and engineering milestones

step 5 - sell the product weeks if not months later.

This would be a sad state of affairs if it weren't for the fact that almost every sales-oriented company does the same thing.  Why can't things just be released?  After all, in school, we all learn the valuable skill of turning in assignments on time or else.  Why doesn't this mind set carry over into the business world?  What would happen if the reverse happened in school?  To find out more about this bizzaro world where homework is treated like product launches, read the adventures of Microsoft Boy!

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