Norway Declares War on IE6, Microsoft Rejoices!

I read an interesting article on wired about how the fight to eradicate IE6 is now swelling at the grassroots level.  Apparently some of the top websites in Norway are beginning to notify users that their browser essentially sucks and should upgrade at least IE7.  This is great news because for too long IE6 has been the thorn on the web developer’s backside, not to mention that even IT pros have become disenchanted with the notion of ever upgrading enterprise environments for fear that the higher ups will rain fire when their little LOB app stops working.  Fortunately, the IT pro has an easier sell to upgrade especially when end-users at the workplace start seeing ugly green boxes telling them to contact their IT administrator. 

Sites in Sweden, Indonesia and Australia have joined in. Norwegian blogger Peter Haza is cataloging the participants, and an international wiki called "IE6 - DO NOT WANT" has been set up to track the spreading browsercide. There's a Facebook group, too.

Even Microsoft is supporting the campaign. Norwegian news site Teknisk Ukeblad reports Thursday that Microsoft Norway's Alveberg Isabella says, "We of course hope that our users follow us on [upgrading] to Internet Explorer 7."

----Excerpt from Wired---

The most humbling news in all of this is that Microsoft is supporting these websites’ decisions to notify users of superior browsers be they IE7/8 or alternatives.  As IE becomes standards-compliant with IE8, all browsers will begin to compete on their own merits namely security (IE) and productivity.  Because Microsoft won’t be able to fall back on proprietary lock-in at the browser level, a new wave of innovation is going to come from Redmond.  When it comes to the web, everyone should side with openness and fairness, luckily for Microsoft, a new wave of transparency and interoperability are making these values a reality.

On a side note, my blog is now IE6 UNFRIENDLY…laggards beware.