To Be American is Not A Right, It is A Virtue

I plan to vote Obama after much practical reservation and after having listened to every candidate's speech tonight. Staying up and watching the news 'till 6:20am in London has been a rollercoaster of patriotic emotion and critical analysis. It has been a defining moment for me as I struggle to grasp what it means to devote one's life to public service and when I will have such a calling--because for me it is not a question of if. From this morning, I reset my status quo.

My friends and family, today our country does not need a leader, but rather requires, now more than in any moment in modern history, a great orator; one who ignites the passion of which the great Patrick Henry is remembered today, one whose statesmanship rivals that of Franklin D. Roosevelt, one whose courage to challenge America to accomplish the impossible, as John F. Kennedy did so many years ago, is fundamental to the very fabric of his soul. Our country, today, yearns for one who can inspire those tied to the past, those laboring in the present, and finally those optimistic of the future. Today I vote for virtue. Today I vote for America. Today, I vote for Obama.

by Viral Tarpara

 Obama 2008