What Idiots Still Fall for These Scams?

imageWith spam reaching almost 90% of all Internet traffic, I am proud to say that I get maybe one message of spam every two months.  Seriously.  My Microsoft inbox is clean, so is my GMail account.  But every now and then I have to check my "junk" folder for false positives, especially newsletter emails.  There is one type of email I haven't received in a long time, that type is money laundering and money scams.  Oddly enough, "Dr. Mao" will to cut me in on 30% of of a multi-million dollar deal.  No deal "Dr. Mao," the dollar is weak at the moment and if you want my business, I want 45%, I have bills to pay.

When will spammers learn that the cost of business is going up.  Western consumers will want their fair share of the green "pastures." For too long spammers had it easy with Grandma *well she has a mac now* !  So sorry "Dr. Mao" I will not be used, played like a puppet, manipulated like a Congressional democrat wooed by Dick Cheney--for a weak $12 million dollars.  That can't even buy me a £6 million cottage in London with the exchange rate what it is. 

What I will do, sir, is forward your email to abuse@hotmail.com

Good day to you.