Windows Virtual PC Beta Supports Aero in Windows 7 VM

I was testing out Windows Virtual PC that is used for “XP Mode” and decided to create some custom VMs for Windows 7 as a demo.  I went into it knowing full well that many cool features of Windows 7 wouldn’t be demoable simply because 3D support in a VM environment isn’t support…or at least I thought.  After installing the integration components for the Windows 7 and enabling “integration features,” I was pleasantly surprised to see Live Preview and Glass working amazing well!

No more 2nd-class experiences when it comes to virtual machines!  In fact, the VM ran quite well with 1.5GB of RAM running full HD resolution.  I haven’t tried any games, not that it is a scenario that is worth considering, but would be interesting nonetheless.  I’m loving the new virtualization software more and more.


Download XP Mode for Windows 7 (x86 & x64)