PDC Update: Day –1 and Day 0

I flew in on Saturday and I think the flight was about 90% Microsoft employees including Mike Swanson – so the migration has begun.  I got in rented a car and got checked in to my hotel,  I am staying at the Hilton Checkers hotel in downtown LA.  I think the hotel is about 90% PDC attendees as they have a big sign with the daily agenda on it in the lobby and you can tell that tomorrow is going to be busy.  The are running full size busses from the hotels to the convention center every 15 min all day.  Today being the Pre-Conference day (day 0) the busses seemed pretty empty, everyone including myself just seemed to head down get registered, pick up a bag’o’swag (tee shirt, water bottle, notebook etc…) and take a look around.  I want and checked out some of the bars in the area last night and ended up at the Seven Grand – meet some great people and had some good drinks. Tonight there is  the Party with Palermo (Palermo being Jeffery Palermo CTO of Headspring) at Casey’s Bar & Grill – I am planning to attend so look for me if your there.


Taylor Brown
Hyper-V Integration Test Lead