If you're reading this blog you're no doubt up to speed on the release of Flight Simulator X. Today's the "official" release date for the US, though some parts of the world released earlier. (And some US retailers jumped the gun, too.) So far the initial reactions have centered on performance. Since this is a family show let me just say it reminds of a topic that post-pubenscent boys (oh, okay, most males) tend to fixate on. Some are getting it, others are not, and those who aren't wish they were. And to keep the analogy going, there are a handful of folks offering miracle cures and a few who are yelling, "Abstain! Abstrain!"


Most of the activity (at least that I've read) is on AvSim. Noise levels increased to such a degree that Tom created a separate forum just for the folks who've vowed to keep using FS2004--the king of Epirus would be pleased, I'm sure. (Though a few can't resist coming over to the FSX forum to pee in the pool.) The other forums I frequent are much tamer in comparison. and Sim-Outhouse, in particular, seem to possess an overabundance of reason, consideration and optimism. Oh, well, I'm sure they'll catch whatever's going around soon enough.


In the meantime, I'll continue to scour the web for real data on the problems people are having and try to make sure it gets to the people here who can do something about it. And if you're one of the ones having issues, make sure to visit the new FS Insider site as it will be the first place you'll hear about tips, tricks and help for your woes.