Thanks for all the fish

Well, I think it's time to move on. Despite the fact that I'm no longer assigned to the Flight Simulator project I have spent loads of time observing the FSX launch and trying to inject information and assistance where possible. At this point, though, I don't think I can add very much to the collective consciousness. Most of the early adopters have weighed their views, frustrations and accomplishments. The extended Flight Sim team has gotten a good sense of the issues people are having and are formulating short, medium and long-term plans to address them. Early sales results are beating expectations and even submissions to the tell_fs alias have dimished. No longer are we seeing a flood of "this product sucks" messages. The inflow now are a mix of minor bugs reports and praise for the new release. As I disappear from the landscape (hopefully to re-emerge at some future date with new and interesting things to share) I'd encourage you to follow the unfolding FSX saga at the new "Insider" site: Cheers.