My AT&T Globetrotter device is not working on Windows 7. I am unable to connect after a reboot.

If you have an AT&T Globetrotter device (Option Icon 322) which is not working on Windows 7, please see below:


Problem #1 - After installing the connection manager from the device, unable to use the device/connection manager to connect to the network after reboot.

This issue gets resolved using the latest AT&T CM 6.10. You can download the latest ACM from


Problem #2 - Unable to connect using the RAS dialup connection "3G connection" in both Win7 from VANUI and Vista SP1.

The dialup number in the "3G connection" profile is "ppp". By modifying the dialup number in the "3G connection" profile to *99# , you should be able to successfully establish a connection and browse the internet. Please follow the below procedure to change the dialup number of "3G connection" profile through the VAN (View All Networks) UI:

  1. Left click on the Network icon in the Task Bar to bring up VAN UI.
  2. Right click on the "3G connection" profile and select Properties. (3G connection is created by the AT&T CM after installing it from the device)
  3. Modify the Phone number value from ppp to *99# and press OK.

Now you can connect by dialing this connection.


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Ashish Jain

Windows Networking Team

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