My HP Embedded Mobile Broadband device (un2400) is not able to connect to the internet

Here are the steps for Qualcomm Gobi embedded device in HP laptop/HP un2400 for 32-bit platform –

Step 1 – Install the HP Multi-WWAN Driver Installer

You can use the following location for installing this package.

Version of the packages : 1.00 Rev. D (20 Mar 2009)

Location of the packages –

Step 2 – Install the HP Wireless Assistant

Version of the packages : 3.00 K (9 Jun 2008)

Location of the packages –

Step 3 – After installing the HP Wireless Assistant, system would request for a restart, please restart the system.

Step 4 – Install HP Connection Manager [3]

Version of the packages : Version: 2.00 (18 Mar 2009)

Location of the packages –

Select the First option for the above installer:


Step 5 - Close the CM if it opens

Step 6 – Copy temp.reg to a local folder, say Desktop\New folder. (Please see at the end of this post on creating a temp.reg file.)

Step 7 - Right click on the file temp.reg and select merge. Follow the on screen instructions, Click Yes, for below prompt –


Step 8 - Restart the system

Step 9 - Launch HP Wireless Assistant

          Turn off Wireless LAN

          Turn off Bluetooth

          Turn on Wireless WAN

Step 10 - Launch the Connection manager, click connect and the device connects.

Steps to create the temp.reg file required in Step 6 above –

1) Create a file named temp.reg

2) Paste the below contents into the file temp.reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HPQ\HP Mobile Broadband]


3) Save the file.


Ashish Jain

Program Manager,

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