Time Tracking in TFS – Part 2

In my last entry on Time Tracking in TFS, I talked about the reasons why project teams don’t track time. I gave my opinion as to why it doesn’t happen, and asked for yours. The comments I received were very insightful, but didn’t answer my question J … which probably means my question was dumb.

Anyway, what I did get was that in general, people want to track time for two reasons: Billing and Software Estimation, but mostly for Billing.

What if there was a TFS-based application that runs on the client … say a gadget. Every day (or hour?) it pops and asks for a time entry. Since it knows what TFS work items you are working on and which ones require time entries, it can provide you a very tailored experienced for entering time. The engineer enters the time, presses OK, and goes on working.

Annoying? Helpful? What do you think?