Tech4Good January 2012

It is a new year and a great time to start afresh and take a good look through your systems and processes. As a nonprofit organization you collect data on beneficiaries, donors, volunteers, programs and services, just to name a few key details. Increasingly, nonprofits are expected to be more accountable and transparent about program outcomes and the organization's financial management. This is where technology can play a very important role. In this issue we have some suggestions about storing, sharing, analyzing and presenting all that data to get the most out of it and really have it work for your organization. 



• Information Management
Information management sits at the heart of why database technology matters in nonprofit organizations. Respect for the power of information is not simply an intellectual exercise but is a cornerstone of business. Database tools, when applied effectively, can be a big part of meeting these requirements.
Information Management: The cornerstone of nonprofit effectiveness

• Storing and Sharing Data in the Cloud
Storing your data in the cloud gives you immediate access to it through an Internet connection, wherever you are and whenever you want it. The ability to alter privacy settings per document lets you share specific files with whomever you like. With 25G of data storage, Microsoft's SkyDrive is a great tool. And, it's free, too!
Windows Live SkyDrive

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• Interactive Dashboards using PowerPoint and Excel
What are interactive dashboards, and how can you use them to communicate important information to your audience? This article discusses how to design and use interactive dashboards and provides links to sample files and presentations.
Business Intelligence with Style and Functionality

• Analyse that Data with Excel
Watch a video demo which shows how the 'slicer' feature helps you better understand the data in Excel.
Watch the Demo

• Using a Database
Data related to funding and funders is important to all nonprofits and many people use spreadsheets to track this information. A database program like Microsoft Access gives you deeper insight into that data to help you get the most out of your fundraising activities. Look at the available templates that help users get into Access right away, even beginners.
Introduction to Access
Access Database Templates

• Software Donations
Office 2010 has great applications like Excel and Access for managing data. Microsoft donates Office 2010 and many other Microsoft products to eligible nonprofits all around the world. Last year alone, Microsoft donated US$844 million worth of software to 46,886 nonprofits. Find out how to get a software donation for your nonprofit.
Microsoft Software Donations
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• Connection Days
Get together with nonprofits in your community to learn about the latest and greatest technology for the sector by attending a Microsoft "Connection Day".

Upcoming dates:
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Tuesday, 3 April 2012 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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