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Over the past few years, my team and I have pondered and discussed deeply the question, what is DevOps. We continually come back to the consistent components—people, process, and tools—but what stands out to us is that the journey is different for everyone. And while that is a bit daunting, the community is incredibly open (pun intended) in truly wanting to help others overcome the foreseeable and many not so foreseeable hurdles in the transformation to DevOps.

This was our inspiration around our DevOps Dimension show on Channel 9, and I’m really thrilled at the conversations we are able to share to date, including:

In addition, we love going where the community goes and recently attended DevOps Days London, where we had a great opportunity to interview luminaries driving the DevOps movement.

For example, Oguz and Thiago from my team sat down with Gene Kim, renowned DevOps advocate, entrepreneur, and author, to discuss the past, present, and future of DevOps, including how people can get started with DevOps or take the next step.

Oguz also had the opportunity to interview Kris Saxton of Automation Logic about Bimodal IT and why he views it as a highly flawed strategic approach to IT. He argues that Bimodal IT, which splits IT into a traditional, day-to-day mode and an innovative, agile mode, fails to promote either stability or agility and instead blocks vital collaboration.

Plus, Oguz connected with Claire Agutter to discuss barriers to implementing DevOps and how to overcome them. Claire, ITSM Zone director and online education specialist, notes that many financial institutions are resistant to adopting DevOps practices because they’ve invested in ITIL and fundamental processes. As ITIL and DevOps are not mutually exclusive, she discusses how to implement organizational change and how ITIL and DevOps can complement each other.

We will have many additional episodes coming soon that highlight more industry experts, more companies making the transformation, and more Microsoft stories, so continue to follow our blog or check back regularly. And if you want more resources right now, check out the following blog articles:

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