Happy SysAdmin Day!

Cheers to those who serve our servers – on premises and in the cloud.

IT professionals, it is that time of the year again! This Friday, July 25th, is the 15th official annual SysAdmin Appreciation Day (link). As if you wouldn’t know that every day is SysAdmin Day. But this day is different and don’t be fooled by the acronym, SAD is a joyous occasion—a time to acknowledge, celebrate and thank the IT magicians who keep our digital worlds humming. Though SysAdmins are rarely noticed until they’re needed, and people never seem to understand what it is they do (“oh, so you’re the guy who deals with the printers?”), without them no business would run smoothly and maybe you’ve heard one of the misconceptions in this image:

microsoft system admin day cartoon 05 dark blue

(click the image for a larger version)

We at Microsoft are no different from any other business and know and understand how important SysAdmins are. Companies depend on your abilities to protect private information, fix system errors as quickly as they arise, keep network connections strong, and deploy solution in datacenters or to the cloud. Without you, emails would stop flowing, networks would stop working, and productivity would grind to a halt.

What are the biggest misconceptions that you’ve heard about SysAdmins?

Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter, using #SysAdminDay and #WhatIDontDo, and you could win a chance to be featured on The Edge Show on Channel 9!

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Don’t forget, on SysAdmin Day, it’s typical to celebrate with cake and ice cream. “Cookies” & cream might be a fun choice? ;)