Rafal Lukawiecki: Keynote Speaker di TechDays WPC

Finalmente possiamo annunciarvi che quest’anno sarà Rafal Lukawiecki il Keynote Speaker di TechDays WPC.

Penso che conosciate già Rafal, visto che è da anni uno dei top speaker a TechEd e nelle principali conferenze dedicate ai temi della sicurezza e all’IT:

In his role as Strategic Consultant at Project Botticelli Ltd, Rafal Lukawiecki is responsible for analyzing and forecasting trends in the field of Information Technology. Rafal works closely with large teams of developers and consultants, and with investors and their boards of directors. He specializes in several areas: business intelligence and data mining, IT architecture models, security and cryptography, and management of solution delivery. Rafal is a popular and highly rated speaker at Microsoft events. His uniquely energetic speaking style should keep you engaged no matter how complex the subject.

Oltre alla Keynote, Rafal Lukawiecki terrà anche una sessione:

Architecture of Predictive Programming

Predictive Programming harnesses the power of Data Mining (component of SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services) to bring a form of artificial intelligence to your applications. It can be used for many purposes, but we will concentrate on a way to place a negative-feedback loop into your software that helps it make better decisions. Specifically, we will improve business process success rates by spotting problems and flagging them before a transaction completes. For instance, we can predict that an online purchase transaction is going to fail and we can flag it for attention so saving a customer frustration while protecting your reputation. Similarly, we can use this technique to perform predictive input validation. This session will discuss the overall architecture of such applications, briefly introduce the use of Data Mining, and show you examples of code that implements this approach. We will only briefly discuss the Data Mining techniques used such as neural networks, decision trees, and clustering.

Sicuramente la presenza di Rafal è un motivo in più per iscriversi a TechDays WPC, approfittando anche dell’offerta di Early Bird a 750€ che scade venerdì 9 ottobre.