A Microsoft Word Document Template For Disaster Recovery Planning

Written by Alexander Windel, Senior Microsoft Premier Field Engineer.

Let’s say you want to create a disaster recovery (DR) plan for a common, shared enterprise IT service such as e-mail or document collaboration in your organization. One of the results of the plan will surely be a document outlining the DR strategy for that service. But where do you start? What should be part of a DR plan document? And how does it fit into the over-all business continuity plan?

To help with that process, I’ve created a Microsoft Word document template for disaster recovery planning. It’s somewhat centered around SharePoint as a technology but you can easily customize it to fit your needs. The recommendations in the template are based on how Microsoft IT does disaster recovery. One basic assumption I’d like to point out though: the template assumes that you have some kind of secondary data center as a core component of your disaster recovery strategy.

DR Plan Table of Contents

Here’s a link to a zip file containing a Microsoft Word Template of the DR PlanDR Plan Template.zip

Hope you find it helpful and any feedback is appreciated.