Some Windows Store / Modern App Deployment FAQs

Summary:   Milad Aslaner , a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer (still) based in Germany, shares some customer questions around Windows Store app deployment.

Recently I was onsite at one of our customers, to discuss Windows Modern Apps. The customer asked for guidance about situations like: how do we deploy LOB Windows Modern Apps; and how can we offer Windows Store Modern Apps in the enterprise.

In this blog post, you will get some info about some of the fundamentals you should consider when planning Windows Modern Apps in your organization.


Is a Microsoft account strictly required to use the Windows Store?

Yes, in order to access the Windows Store and to install or update Windows Modern Apps you are required to have a Microsoft account.

How can Windows Modern Apps be updated?

Windows Modern Apps which are downloaded from the Windows Store are updated straight from the Windows Store. Updating from another source or from WSUS (for example) is not possible.

In the case of LOB Apps you can use SCCM 2012 SP1 or PowerShell.

What is the difference between Windows Store Modern Apps and LOB Windows Modern Apps?

Windows Store Modern Apps are signed by Microsoft and only available through the Windows Store.

LOB (Line of Business) Windows Modern Apps are signed by the developer or vendor and are offered over enterprise stores.

How can we manage Windows Modern Apps?

AppLocker has been extended in order to support Windows Modern Apps, so you are able to use AppLocker in order to deny or explicitly allow the usage of a Windows Modern App.

What is “sideloading” of Windows Modern Apps?

We use the term sideloading when we talk about pushing or offering LOB Windows Modern Apps to computers.

In order to do this, you are required to activate the group policy “Allow all trusted apps to install“ which is listed under Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > App Package Deployment.

Do LOB Windows Modern Apps also require a Microsoft account?

No, since the installation is operated offline and has no connection to Microsoft you won’t require a Microsoft account.

Is it possible to deactivate the Windows Store?

Yes, there are two group policies you can use to deactivate the Windows Store. However, keep in mind that by deactivating the Windows Store you are limiting your users to not being able to receive any updates for the built-in Windows Modern Apps.


If you’re interested in Windows Modern App deployment and want to learn more, just ask your TAM and schedule an appointment to talk with one of the Windows Client PFEs.

Posted by Tristan Kington , MSPFE Editor. With a knackwurst but no picture inside.