Uncovering a hidden gem: PSR.exe

Hmm… let’s see… I can remember the old Program Status Register from the Intel x86 days. Or maybe PSR stands for Physicians for Social Responsibility? No? Then what is it? Smile

Our colleague, Mike O'Neill from the PFE – US West team explains what PSR is all about in his recent blog post. PSR is Problem Steps Recorder, which has been around since Windows 7.

After reading Mike’s article, I was quickly able to use PSR to capture steps which you execute on screen. You can also add comments to document the steps that you just did, and all of it is captured in a MHT file for the record. I found the output to be really good - see the screenshot below for an example.

Output from Steps Recorder - PSR

Amazing stuff, and so easy to use! Check out PSR today!

Linked content authored by Mike O'Neill ; posted by MSPFE Editor Arvind Shyamsundar