Understanding Content Management storage options in Config Manager 2012

First-time blogger Arnold Gagnon describes Content Management Storage Options in System Center Configuration Manager 2012.

The content library is the main storage location for Configuration Manager. It stores all content files for software updates, applications, operating system deployment, and so on. The content library is located on the site server and on each distribution point, and it provides a single instance store for content files. Before Configuration Manager downloads content files to the site server and copies the files to distribution points, Configuration Manager verifies whether each content file is already in the content library. If the content file is available, Configuration Manager does not copy the file to the distribution point, but instead associates the existing content file with the application or package.

The package share is a legacy storage location from CM2007, but still supported in 2012. It keeps the same name (SMSPKGx$), but sits empty on site servers and distribution points until the deploy option to run programs from the DP is specified (instead of download and run locally) or you select the Package share settings to copy the content as shown below.

It’s a comprehensive post, and worth a read if you’re a Configuration Manager devotee.

Posted by Tristan Kington , MSPFE Editor, made from carbon