How to configure users maps local users on Windows 2008

Recently we got a case where customer was looking for mapping local users on Windows 2008. The first hindrance which the customer realized was “Unavailability of User Name Mapping feature on Windows 2008”.

One of the ways to maps local users in windows 2008 is through ADLDS which has been documented on the article below:

But customer was looking for something though which he can user his existing environment and set up and doesn’t has to go through lot of changes.

So we suggested him to fetch the maps from Windows 2003 box. The idea was to have same user name across windows 2003 and Windows 2008. User name mapping on windows side is only concerned about the user name.

Customer tested the same scenario. He followed the steps below:

· Configure the user maps on Windows 2003 box.

· Made changes to the .maphost file to exports the mapping information.

· After that he configured Windows 2008 to fetch the maps.

And then he tested the User maps (by listing the content on the Unix client) a NFS share hosted on Windows 2008.

This solution may not work on some scenario and the better option would be to go through ADLDS.