Permission Denied while trying accessing the file from UNIX clients


There was an issue in Windows 2008 R2, where the Unix clients were unable to honor the NTFS style of permission even though the “KeepInheritance” registry key was turned on the NFS server. The NFS server was still using the Unix style of permission.

We recently had the hotfix released for this issue:

Once of our customer came back to us stating that the hotfix did not resolve the original issue and the NFS server is still setting the Unix style of permission, instead of NTFS style.

During troubleshooting we found that the customer had enabled the option “Enabled unmapped users access” in the NFS properties of the folder.

This option means that the, Windows servers can be used for storing NFS data without creating UNIX-to-Windows account mapping. So, the server will again set the Unix style permission and this was causing the issue.

We did uncheck the option. Restarted “Server for NFS” service and remounted the share from Unix clients.

This resolved the issue.

We also tested both the scenario of user name mapping and it works:

1. Fetching User name mapping information from 2003\2003R2 Mapping server

2. Using ADlookup