Welcome to the Springboard Series Blog

Get more of your questions answered and connect with subject matter experts from within the Windows Client division. Not sure what to make of the speculation out there? Want to hear first hand about the latest guidance, tools, and resources available to help make your big projects and day-to-day tasks easier, or just keep up-to-date on the latest Windows Client OS updates and beta opportunities? Well, we are launching this blog for you—the IT professional—to help you do all this and more.

Our goal with the Springboard Series Blog is to offer upfront commentary, share community best practices and keep you informed. We also want to hear from you. What topics are you interested in learning more about? What additional resources do you need to help make your job easier?

In addition to any comments you post on this blog, we’ll make sure that you get advanced notice of additional opportunities for you to join the discussion and get your voice heard. Have a suggestion for a future blog post? Looking for guidance that you didn’t find on www.microsoft.com/springboard? E-mail us anytime at winpro@microsoft.com and we’ll get your suggestions to the people creating the next wave of content and tutorials.

Stay tuned for our next post, which will be a live report from PDC 2008, and expect a variety of guest bloggers in the months to come.

Celine Allee
Director, Windows Client IT Pro

What is the Springboard Series?
The Springboard Series on TechNet offers dynamic content from podcasts and monthly features to structured guidance and resources to ease your implementation experience wherever you are in the Windows Client adoption and management lifecycle.