TechNet ON: Windows Azure Security Essentials

IT administrators will continue to play an active role in security and risk management, even when leveraging cloud services in a utility fashion. You’ll spend less time on maintenance and have more time to polish policies and best practices for the cloud platform in Windows Azure, which already has many security controls in place to keep your data confidential and available.

This edition of TechNet ON collects key guidance and resources to help you clear that major hurdle to realizing the many benefits of a cloud migration. Find guidance such as the Windows Azure Security Overview whitepaper and the executive strategy brief Securing the Cloud Infrastructure.

For recommended approaches to security management for applications and services hosted on the Windows Azure platform, check out Understanding Security Account Management in Windows Azure in TechNet Magazine. Also in the magazine, Secure Access to Your Cloud Services explains how Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 can assist your business to securely access cloud service while providing high availability services to on-premises users.

If you, like many IT professionals are now weighing the promised benefits of moving an IT infrastructure to the cloud against the concerns about security an loss of control, this edition of TechNet ON is for you.

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