Intern last days: cool projects and fun photos

The interns are starting to return back to school.  We had an amazing group of interns this year from over 50 different schools.  About half are going to be seniors and the other half are going to be juniors or sophomores.  

The projects folks work on are totally mainstream work.  When Office “12” ships our interns will be able to point to the product and tell their friends and families that they worked on design, development, testing of the real features that contributed to the product.  I wish I could share more about the specifics of Office “12” but folks will have to wait until at least the PDC for that J (see

I’ve posted a couple of final days photos of some interns on our team.  

Andy is an intern from an southern state university.  He worked this summer as a software design engineer/test intern on the test infrastructure of Office “12” and I think he had a great summer.  Andy took a liking to the free Welch’s Cranberry juice and created a large grid of used cans in his office.!

Will is an intern from a private college in the northeast.  He worked this summer as a software design engineer on some of our server features related to workflow.  He did a great job.  He has a couple of more weeks so I’ll see a demo of his shipping features soon.  Will along with a couple of other interns and a new hire participated in a speed-eating contest on Friday – the goal was to consume a whole box of those nasty fake chocolate eggs.  I’m a low-carb person so I skipped the contest!

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