This week -- visits to a couple of Boston area colleges

I will be visiting both Harvard and MIT this coming week. I look forward to meeting any students with a passion for software interested in working at Microsoft full time.

  • MIT Wednesday Oct 19 @ Building 34, Room 101, Reception at 4:45pm, presentation at 5:00
  • Harvard Thursday Oct 20 @ Maxwell Dworkin G115, Reception at 6:15 pm, presentation at 6:30

Building Microsoft Office or what it is like to order pizza for 400,000,000 people

In this highly interactive talk you will see what it is like to design the next generation Microsoft Office and what it is like to design and build the interface that will be used by hundreds of millions of people. You will learn how a small team designed and developed a new metaphor for computer-human-interaction that improves upon the Xerox PARC developed metaphor of drop down menus and the decades old metaphor of toolbars. You will get a sneak preview of the new Office “12” product. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and learn about Microsoft and the different opportunities for you. No questions are off limits and all are welcome!