Calling Czech, Polish and Turkish users of SQL Server

If you are using SQL Server 2008 and speak Czech, Polish or Turkish, the SQL Server product development team is looking for your feedback.

They are testing a system to display translated Help topics in SQL Server Books Onlineusing a combination of Machine and Human Translation, displaying English and translated content side-by-side:


The pages are available here:




As a reader, you are able to highlight a sentence in Polish, for example, and see the corresponding English sentence highlighted as well. Even though machine translation is not always as accurate as human translation, the intension is that the side-by-side approach will provide machine translated content that will help use the product better in these languages.

For each page, you can rate the quality using 5 ratings at the top of each page:


( “Click to Rate and Give feedback” )

Ratings scale:

1 star – Not Useful

2 stars – Better than having only English

3 stars – Good Experience

4 stars – Good Localization Quality

5 stars – Good experience and Localization Quality

If the feedback on this new approach is positive, the team intends to roll it out for additional languages in the future.

Feel free to leave a comment on this post below if you have any thoughts on this approach… and THANK YOU in advance for helping improving the SQL Server products.