Microsoft IT Terminology Included in Evroterm of Slovenia

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Evroterm of Slovenia to license our Slovenian Terminology Collection to be incorporated into the Evroterm multilingual terminology database.

Our joint agreement aims at making IT terminology resources available to local translation communities and further the use and accessibility of IT terminology.

Evroterm is managed by the Translation and Interpretation Division of the Secretariat-General of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and currently contains over 120,000 terms in English and Slovenian across multiple domains in addition to 14 other European languages. The terminology database was created by terminologists and translators in the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and is freely available to translators, localizers, terminologists, students and IT professionals.

The Microsoft Slovenian Terminology Collection contains around 7500 IT terms used in Slovenian Microsoft products such as Windows and Office in addition to a wide range of generic key IT terminology. This data will now be easily accessible from within Evroterm to help Slovenian translators find answers to their IT questions in a single location.

Evroterm user interface: