Microsoft Translator adds Kiswahili

Microsoft's machine translation system Microsoft Translator has added Kiswahili as a new language, bringing the number of supported languages to 52.

Kiswahili machine translations are available directly from the Microsoft Translator web site at, and in WindowsOffice, Skype, and via a wide range of other products, including Android Wear and Apple Watch. The translation system was created in collaboration with the non-profit Translators without Borders.

Check today's announcement on the Microsoft Translator Team blog, and read more about how Microsoft Translator works on the Microsoft Translator web site.

In addition to machine translation, you can also find Kiswahili terminology used in Microsoft products on the Microsoft Language Portal. The Language Portal offers Kiswahili terminology and user interface translations from Windows 10, Office 2016, Skype, and many other products. A Kiswahili style guide is also available for download to help ensure that the style and tone in localized products matches that of Microsoft products.