New terminology on Microsoft Language Portal

We’ve completed a substantial update of the Microsoft Language Portal terminology and UI translations from scores of international Microsoft products that have released over the last few months.

The newly added products (or newly added languages for existing products) will help you globalize and localize products quickly, efficiently and to the same style, tone and terminology standards as in localized Microsoft products.

Here are the most important resources added for this update:

image Windows 7: Now includes terminology and UI translations for the first 25 “Language Interface Pack” (LIP) languages to release. Check the Windows Language site to see the full list of released and upcoming languages. To get notified about new languages that have released, check Rob Margel’s blog. Around 35 more languages are coming in the future.
image Office 2010: Includes the additional 18 languages to release since the worldwide launch of Office 2010 in June of this year. Another approx. 60 LIP languages are coming in the near future. Keep an eye on the Office Language Interface Pack blog to see what languages are already released and what’s coming up. Get the full schedule (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) of “LIP” releases (incl. Windows, Office and Visual Studio) from the Local Language Program site.

Visual Studio 2010: Includes the 10 major languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Brazilian – and as a first – Community Translated content for the Visual Studio 2010 “CLIP” versions (Arabic, Czech, Greek, Hindi, Hebrew, Hungarian, Brazilian, Polish, Oriya, Malay, Malayalam, Thai, Tamil and Turkish).  


Windows Live Essentials: Includes over 40 languages. Check the Windows Live Essentials page to download this free suite of applications in your language. Keep up to date with news on the Windows Live team blog.


Silverlight 4.0: Includes the UI translations for over 40 languages. For more in-depth information about translation of Silverlight applications take a look at the MSDN topic on localizing Silverlight-based applications.

expression Expression Studio 4.0 (Blend, Designer, Web, Encoder): Covers French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean and Japanese. Check the official Expression site for more information on the individual products.
untitled BizTalk Server 2010: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean and Japanese. For an overview of versions and languages available, visit the BizTalk Server page.

Windows Server AppFabric: Includes 17 languages. You can install Windows Server AppFabric language versions from the Microsoft Download Center.

image .NET Framework 4.0. Over 20 languages are available. Get more information about .NET Framework 4.0 on MSDN.
MicrosoftOnlineServicesLogo BPOS and Microsoft Online Customer Portal. The UI translations for Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS) are available in over 20 languages. This update also includes Microsoft Online Customer Portal. Read more about the available localized versions on the Microsoft Online Services Team Blog.