Windows 7 Māori Language Interface Pack is live!

Windows 7 in Maori is now available for download.

Maori is the second official language of New Zealand (the other being English).

Fun Facts about Maori:

  • In addition to being a great movie, Whale Rider portrays Maori culture and society. If you haven’t read the book, or viewed the movie it is highly recommended.
  • Like other languages, Maori has terms that are used for more than one meaning; for example, in Maori, “Kia ora” can be used as a greeting, thank you, and as a term of acknowledgement.
  • New Zealand’s Rugby team, the All Blacks, perform a Maori dance before every game. The dance they perform is a “Haka,” which was done by the Maori in the last century before the onset of a war.

Click here for more information from Wikipedia about the Maori language

Please note that the Maori Windows 7 LIP can only be installed on a system that runs an English client version of Windows 7. It is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. The Maori Windows 7 LIP is produced as part of the Local Language Program.

Is your language not available for Windows 7?  Check this post for info on what other languages are coming to Windows 7 in the near future.

Terminology and the user interface translations for Amharic will be available on Microsoft Language Portal site in February.