DigiGirlz Summer Camp 2007 - Sweden

I realize that not too many girls in Sweden about to start 9th grade are going to read my blog, but perhaps you have a daughter or a cousin or a friend that age...

Microsoft has a program called DigiGirlz which is meant to get girls more interested in IT and this year there will be a DigiGirlz Summer Camp at Microsoft in Stockholm on the 13-15 of August (9.00-16.00).  The camp is open to all girls about to start 9th grade and you get to learn cool stuff like XBOX, photoediting, Photostory, Windows Mediaplayer, Windows Live and other media- and communications related applications. 

There are no prereqs and the camp is free of charge... Apply to Eva.Pethrus@microsoft.com, first come first serve.


If you don't live in Sweden you might want to check out your local Microsoft page, a quick search for DigiGirlz showed that MS Sweden was not the only office to offer this camp.