Talking C++ at ACCU in Oxford

I'm blogging live from the Microsoft booth at the ACCU conference in Oxford, UK.  This conference represents one of the best opportunities of the year to rub elbows with influencers and luminaries within the C++ community.  For me, ACCU is also a great opportunity to practice my diplomacy skills, since speakers and attendees including healthy representation from the Linux and OSS communities.  :)  I'll be giving a presentation tomorrow on What's Next for Visual C++, including a dive into some of the Orcas features.  Next week, I'll be in Paris for a C++ conference and to meet with several VC++ customers.  Email me if you're in the neighborhood and want to meet up to talk Visual C++.

As a side note, the ACCU venue is nice, but I miss the central Oxford location of previous years.  We're on the outskirts of town, where points of interest within walking distance include the BP fueling station and a large grassy field.