Disabling Get Sources step in vNext build

Applies to/Tested on: TFS 2017/VSTS

One of my customer wanted to disable the Get Sources operation in vNext build, which will happen by default with the execution of the build.

Following are some of the reasons where you might not want Get Sources operation be enabled.

  1. You are already doing a Get sources from TFS using a custom PowerShell or batch script with TF.exe command line tool
  2. Your build execution process doesn’t need code from version control sources.

Above objective will be met by adding the below variable in build definition.

Build.SyncSources = false

This variable works with TFS 2017/VSTS vNext builds.

You can see from below screenshot, the Get Sources operation started and finished without fetching the data from TFS version control (this option works with different agent versions as shown below)

Hope this helps if you are running through a similar requirement.

Content: Venkatappala Raju Chakravaram
Review: Romit Gulati