TFS 2017 Update 1, Nuget Restore task always fails trying to find packages even though they exist on the feed.

We have come across a couple of cases where the Nuget Restore task in TFS 2017 Update 1 would fail when used with the internal Packages feed.

The task would fail along the lines of,

2017-04-18T01:40:36.7838703Z Feeds used:
2017-04-18T01:40:36.7838703Z   C:\Users\bldacc\AppData\Local\NuGet\Cache
2017-04-18T01:40:36.7838703Z   C:\Users\bldacc\.nuget\packages\
2017-04-18T01:40:36.9860291Z Restoring NuGet package MyPack.Framework.11.0.1.
2017-04-18T01:40:37.1287365Z WARNING: Unable to find version '11.0.1' of package MyPack.Framework'.
2017-04-18T01:40:37.1413490Z Unable to find version '11.0.1' of package MyPack.Framework'

The version of the task is verified to be on the feed. This is an issue with the 3.3.0 task.

This could be resolved by using the latest version of Nuget on the task (3.5.0) at the time of this writing.


Unfortunately 3.3 doesn’t really give us any usable diagnostic information (it reports ‘unable to find version’ if anything at all goes wrong while restoring a package)Please consider using the latest version of the task as it gives more details on the error.

Content: Manigandan Balachandran
Review: Romit Gulati