New CommandLine Option for Branch in Orcas

In Orcas we have added an additional option to the branch command which gives the user a fast way to create a branch without having to download any of the files or get operations locally. The option is /silent and instructs the server to not send back any get operations. Ofcourse this means you will not see the scrolling list of files and there will be no status until the command completes.

To use it:

D:\temp_dd\ws>tf branch src tgt /silent

D:\temp_dd\ws>tf status
File name Change Local path
--------- ------ --------------------------------------------------------------
tgt       branch D:\temp_dd\ws\tgt

1.txt     branch D:\temp_dd\ws\tgt\1.txt

2 change(s)

We have found it very useful for our large devdiv branch creations.



P.S. The usual caveat applies that this might change before Orcas ships.