Access may encounter a crash after installing the November update KB2837592 or December update KB3114404


After installing the November or December public updates for Access 2010 or the Click-to-Run updates for Access 2013, Access may encounter a crash while performing a text file import/export. The crash occurs if you click on the Advanced button within the Import/Export wizard.

November 10, 2015, update for Office 2010 (KB2837592)

December 8, 2015, update for Office 2010 (KB3114404)


This is a product issue.

Work Arounds:

Possible work arounds may include:

  • Uninstall the update KB 2837592 and/or KB3114404

  • Use another version of Access

  • If the Import/Export specification already exists or you are able to create the specification from another machine, use a macro to perform the import/export and provide the specification name. The macro action is named ImportExportText. In order to view this macro action, you need to ensure Show All Actions is selected in the macro design ribbon


This issue has been resolved with the release of the January updates for Office. Links below.

Access 2013 MSI:

3114505 January 12, 2016, update for Access 2013 (KB3114505)

Access 2013 Click-to-Run:

Update Office 2013 or Office 365

Access 2010 MSI:

3114555 January 12, 2016, update for Office 2010 (KB3114555)