ASMX Web Service Software Factory CTP Available

Over the last couple of months you have seen us talking about the work we are doing for the Service Software Factories for WCF. One overwhelming piece of feedback that we received was that this initiative was going to be great for when you started developing your WCF applications but many of you are still developing ASMX based applications.

Furthermore many people asked if it was possible to encourage a similar message based design to ASMX applications as we are advocating for WCF. As a result of the feedback we have created an ASMX Guidance Package. A CTP is now available at

We are currently writing documentation that will describe how services designed using this Factory can be migrated onto WCF in the future and a whole lot of other architrectural documentation that will tie it all together.

We are working hard to get a final version of this ASMX based solution out within a month or so allowing you to start designing your applications for ASMX with a sense of how to migrate them to WCF in the future... In the mean time please download a copy and post your thoughts on to our message board...