At SQL PASS and clarification around MCM Lab Exam

Testing has started at SQL PASS Summit 2012  #sqlpass (yesterday in fact) and is well attended.

Between individuals taking the exam, attendees asking, and social media comments I thought it was time to clear up a few misconceptions about the MCM Qualification Lab Exam (88-971)

When I manually proctor one of these exams I give the candidate a brief intro. I will provide a facsimile of that here and hopefully clear things up for everyone.

The lab exam consists of a number of scenarios, each of which may contain from 1 to N business requirements. I have not seen any individual successfully complete all scenarios in the allotted time.

However, you do not need to do complete all scenarios in order to pass the Qualification Lab Exam. Just like any certification exam, there is a passing score that must be met.


Some scenarios are weighted more than others - i.e. a certain scenario may be worth more or less points than another scenario. We do not publish the relative weights of the scenarios.

For each scenario (in its current form) you must complete ALL requirements successfully in order to get credit for the scenario, WE DO NOT give partial credit so it is imperative that you ensure you meet all requirements for the scenario.


So what I recommend is upon starting your exam, read through all scenarios first. Find the ones that you are the most skilled at accomplishing and make sure you accomplish all stated requirements for that scenario.

Save the areas you may not have worked with, or have less experience until later in the exam.


I hope this helps and please come find me at SQL PASS!