Introducing our latest SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master - Olivier Aupetit

A long time ago (in 1981) Olivier discovered data processing using a Sharp MZ80 at school, he was thirteen years old, and decided data processing will be his
job. Three years later he started to study data processing at school and bought a ZX81 to write some programs. He continued to study Data Processing with two
main focuses Database Management and Artificial Intelligence. During the last year, Olivier choose to focus on Artificial Intelligence and got Master
(formerly called DESS in France).

During his studies he worked for a small French company writing programs in dBase II & IV, and finally for the central bank of France to develop an Expert
System based on Paradox, Borland C and Nexpert.

In 1992 he started to work for Microsoft as a Support Engineer on database & dev technologies, supporting Foxpro 2.0 and a beta product code named “cirrus” … which will become Microsoft Access.

After a while he supported different development tools (Foxpro, Visual Basic, Fortran, SourceSafe, Visual Test) till end of 1996.

In September 1996, he moved to the French MS SQL Server support team, supporting version 4.2, 6.0 and 6.5.

He joined the Regional Support Center in 1999 to work on EMEA escalated cases, and four years later became Escalation Engineer working on critical or highly
complex SQL Server cases from EMEA.

In September 2007, he moved to a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) position, still working on SQL Server but onsite. Today he’s a Principal PFE still helping
customers to keep the SQL Server environment healthy.