Finished Filming: "Connected Systems"

We are now in the "post production" phase of our next episode, which will be on "Connected Systems".

This term is used to refer to applications and infrastructure services which interact, or are... well.. "connected". Our current network infrastructres are far more complex then they were just a few years ago, and a lot of information, data services, and even computational horsepower is accessible via Web Services, and other forms of network communication. "Reuseable Code" used to refer to actually making it possible for functions, subroutines, and algorithms to be inserted into other projects, thus (at least so the theories went) decrease development time. In truth, I never knew it to really work that way. "Connected Systems" however provides a new twist to the idea of code reuse... base your system on a web services infrastructure, and this makes it possible for other applications in your organization to easily "reuse" your efforts by simply connecting up to your service and making the right calls. There is of course a lot more to it then that... but that is at least a quick primer on the topic.

In the architectural section I talk with Don Box and Doug Purdy about how our technologies and systems are lining up to support a Connected Systems model. Then in the programming segment Eric Schmidt and Richard Turner will walk us through some actual code that illustrate this... they apparently hadn't read the memo that this was supposed to be a 30 minute segment, and came with over an hours worth of stuff to demo... so bring a big bag of popcorn with you once this episode gets posted!

With any luck, we should have this episode ready for the web by mid October.

I unfortunately forgot to bring my camera with me on this shoot, so I didn't get any backstage pictures this time...