Finished Filming: Whidbey Overview

Ooops, we filmed our last episode on the 17th, and I still haven't gotten around to “blogging” about it yet. This episode focused on “Whidbey”, which is the next version of “Visual Studio”, and it will include a lot of features, technologies, as well as a whole new set of tools focused on providing advanced architectural design features for applications. There's far too much in Whidbey to cover everything in one episode, so in this one I tried to provide a decent overview of what the main focus points were.

Over this last weekend we “shipped” Beta1, based on all of the e-mail I saw from the team, there was a lot of work being done to make sure that this was a high quality beta. I haven't installed it yet, but I plan on doing that as soon as I can.

If you've installed, and started using the beta, why don't you drop a comment here and just quickly let us know what you think about it.

You can click here to view my shared album up on Shutterfly with pictures that I took behind the scenes.