New Episode - "Connected Systems"

A new episode of The .NET Show is now available:

In this episode we will be looking at the benefits and capabilities of "Connected Systems". While I suppose technically if you stick a network cable into the back of your laptop that could be called a connected system... that's not what we are talking about here :->

By "Connected System" we are referring to the use of and aggregation of potentially disseperate data/processing services that are capable of being connected together in ways in which the original developers may not have even imagined.

The increased reliance on networking in general, and specifically the Internet, has brought about an infrastructure that allows and supports richly distributed information and processing. While this might commonly take the form of Web-based solutions and applications, it is becoming increasingly popular to be utilized by "Smart Client" applications (as we saw in our previous episode) through the utilization of "Connected Systems".

In this episode, we talk with Don Box and Doug Purdy about how today's networking infrastructure can be utilized in order to create a Connected System environment, and why this is important. Later, Eric Schmidt and Richard Turner walk us through several coding demonstrations which illustrate how this can be implemented and utilized.

And in the "" segment, Erica interviews Jennifer Ritzinger to discuss her role in the Platform Evangelism Group, and how she works with third party developers.