New Episode: Introduction to Visual Studio 2005

Some of you may know it more by it's “Whidbey” codename, but it's official name is now “Visual Studio 2005”.

Jason Zander and Amnon Horowitz describe how Visual Studio has evolved over time to create a great way to develop managed code

It currently is in beta, and in this new episode of “The .NET Show” we provide you with an introductory discussion about some of the features, capabilities and coding enhancements that it provides.

Shanku Niyogi shows some of the added features in Visual Studio for ASP.NET development

We'll definately have additional episodes later on that dive into some of the specific new capabilities of Whidb... er... “Visual Studio 2005”, but hopefully this first glance will provide you with some of the initial information that you'll need to get started.

After you watch this episode, please be sure to provide your feedback on what you think of it in the “Rating” section at the bottom of the page. And then provide some comments back here on this post to let us know what features and capbilities of “Visual Studio 2005” you need us to focus on in a future episode.