New Episode of The .NET Show: DSI

The .NET Show: DSI

This is the third of four episode in which we will be investigating some of the core technologies and products that are associated with the ITPro. But don't worry, we are also not forgetting about the developers in the audience.

DSI stands for the "Dynamic Systems Initiative" and it represents a development process that allows the developer and the systems administrators to work together in a much more orchestrated manner, which will allow them to create more efficient and more secure applications.

In the first segment, Ed Anderson shares gives us an overview of what DSI is all about, and how this concept is being used to improve software development and operations.

In the second segment, Dmitriy Nikonov uses Visual Studio to illustrate how it allows developers and systems administrators to both use an SDM file to help them model the applications execution environment and expectations, but doing so using tools that are best suited to the specific tasks involved with those jobs.

Then finally Erica meets with Victus Wont, a program mangager for MSDN and TechNet.