New Episode: Smart Clients

A new episode of The .NET Show is now available.

In this episode me and my guests discuss the purpose and importance of "Smart Client" applications. This is not just a return to the classic "pre-web" compiled apps, but this represents a class of application that are specifically designed to take advantage of the robust networking infrastructure that the web helped to popularize, as well as utilize some of the raw computing power sitting there on your desk.

Even though computers have gained significantly in both horsepower as well as storage capacity, these resources really can't easily be taken advantage of by the web-based applications we might be using. This is where "Smart Client" applications come in. They provide us with not only access to the wealth of data resources that are on the network, but they also can leverage the power of our systems. And as an added benefit they should be able to allow us to work off-line when appropriate as well.

In this episode we will be talking with Keith Yedlin, David Hill, and KD Hallman to better understand what a Smart Client application is, and how it might meet your solution deployment needs. Later, Mark Boulter and Reza Chitsaz demonstrate some of the advanced capabilities of the upcoming version of Windows Forms, as well as Visual Studio Tools for Office, and how they can improve the features and functionality of Smart Client applications.

And don't miss the interview that Erica has with Bill Hill in the “” segment.